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Cloudsail CEO Miki Graf Shares Personal Finance Insights with Forbes

Cloudsail Digital Solutions CEO and founder Mikolaj Graf recently spoke with Forbes Polska about personal finance and investment strategies. In the interview, Graf shared his insights on how to invest 50,000 PLN, 100,000 PLN, and 500,000 PLN effectively.

For 50,000 PLN, Graf recommends focusing on risk management and building a financial cushion for several months. This cushion allows for taking riskier steps, such as a career change, starting a business, or investing in skill development courses that are useful in the business world.

When it comes to investing 100,000 PLN, Graf suggests diversifying the investment portfolio with stocks. He cautions against purchasing stocks of specific companies, as most investors lack the skills needed to analyze financial documents and industries properly. Instead, Graf recommends investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which allow investors to invest in multiple companies simultaneously, reducing the overall risk of capital loss.

For a more substantial investment of 500,000 PLN, Graf takes a conservative approach. He believes that investing in real estate provides a solid foundation for future, riskier endeavors. However, this is only possible in smaller towns, where property prices have not yet exceeded 300,000 PLN. In addition to real estate, Graf would invest 100,000 PLN in ETFs and begin exploring luxury goods, such as watches, which have seen significant price increases in recent years. He acknowledges the risks associated with such investments and suggests alternative options like ETFs, stocks, or starting a business requiring more substantial initial capital.

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