Modern App Development

Building long-lasting software to support your rapid growth.

Cloud Backend Systems

Serverless or container-based systems in the cloud. We leverage widely adopted frameworks (Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS CDK and others) to deliver secure and reliable solutions.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

We build cross-platform mobile applications, usually in React Native, that work on iOS and Android. Save time and money in the development process.

For all your cloud needs

We provide services to startups and enterprise customers.

Portfolio of fullstack cloud projects

We build end-to-end solutions and provide supporting capabilities in projects for our partners and clients.

100% satisfaction

We never had a unsitisfied client (we'll update this if it changes!).

Cloud- Native/Multi/Agnostic

We understand what to do and what to avoid in order to build each type of solution.

Case Study: SaaS Platform & Mobiler App Development

for a healthcare startup from the United Kingdom

Cloud Development & Engineering

Infrastructure automation, review and development with serverless services on Amazon Web Services.

Modern App Development

Development of an iOS application and modification of existing functionalities to provide quick solution for end-customers needs.

Justin Buckthorp

Founder & Managing Director, 360 Health & Performance

“Their responsiveness, friendliness, and successful project delivery were top-notch!”

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