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300 000

EV charging points

in Europe


protocol implementation to streamline the management


average user review

on iOS and Android

An app for charging electric vehicles (EV)

EWE Go GmbH aimed to simplify the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience and promote sustainable transportation. They enlisted the help of Cloudsail Digital Solutions, among other contributors, to develop the EWE Go app—a user-friendly tool that streamlines route planning and charging station access for EV owners.


  • Locating charging stations and managing the charging process

  • Encouraging EV adoption and minimizing carbon footprints

  • Creating a seamless user experience

  • Building charging systems in AWS Cloud


As part of the development team, Cloudsail utilized its expertise in cloud software solutions to create the cloud backend and the EWE Go app, which:

  • Allows users to effortlessly locate charging stations

  • Monitors the charging process in real-time

  • Enables direct in-app payments for charging services


The EWE Go app, now live on both iOS and Android devices, reflects Cloudsail's commitment to supporting eco-friendly solutions. By simplifying the EV charging experience, the collaborative efforts of Cloudsail and other contributors have encouraged wider EV adoption and contributed to a more sustainable future.




Through involvement in projects like the EWE Go app, Cloudsail Digital Solutions showcases its dedication to developing innovative and sustainable technologies that benefit both businesses and the environment, while highlighting the power of collaboration.

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