Cloud Consulting & Staff Augmentation

Flexible on-demand expertise from certified cloud consultants, developers & software engineers.

Consultants and fullstack cloud engineers

Our engineers act like consultants and leverage their experience and knowledge to build long-lasting solutions.

Additional non-cloud resources

Together with our partner network we deliver software engineering resources from all specialisations. All engineers are interviewed by us, to make sure that we deliver the best of the best.

For all your cloud needs

We provide services to startups and enterprise customers.

Portfolio of fullstack cloud projects

We build end-to-end solutions and provide supporting capabilities in projects for our partners and clients.

100% satisfaction

We never had a unsitisfied client (we'll update this if it changes!).

Cloud- Native/Multi/Agnostic

We understand what to do and what to avoid in order to build each type of solution.

Case Study: Cloud Consulting & Development

App modernisation and development services for a global tech company.

Cloud Consulting

We reviewed the current code implementation, cloud architecture (AWS Well Architected Review) and proposed improvements.

Cloud Development

We implemented new functionalities and proposed changes to the application, backend system and infrastructure.

Nourhan Shendy

Senior Project Manager, Technology Services Company

“We hired Cloudsail to support, maintain and build the necessary backend services for a mobile application for one of our clients. Cloudsail Digital Solutions worked with quality and completed the project. They interfaced well with the in-house team, collaborating effectively. Above all, their commitment to delivering high-quality output impressed the client the most.”

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