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"Cloudsail took the time to understand our current situation and needs in a discovery call. Once they understood what we needed from them, they immediately began implementation. They were very responsive, customer-oriented, and professional. The backend upgrades were successful, and the changes were important for 360 and the user experience we create for our customers. We are therefore very satisfied with the execution by Cloudsail. Their responsiveness, kindness, and successful project implementation were first-class!

Justin Buckthorp, Founder & Managing Director

Project Description

An app for elite athletes and coaches

An English startup had a vision to improve the performance of professional athletes through an app that provides feedback from coaches, both subjective and objective. However, to make this vision a reality, the company needed an intuitive user interface, a secure cloud infrastructure, and a scalable backend solution.

The startup turned to Cloudsail for support in developing the app. Working closely with the startup team, Cloudsail understood the requirements and goals and utilized agile software development and proven methods of cloud infrastructure automation to develop and launch the app quickly and efficiently.

To ensure the success of the startup, Cloudsail offered continuous maintenance, monitoring, and scaling of the app. The application was partially developed by another IT service provider and required additional work and changes to fully meet the founders' requirements and vision. After transferring the AWS account to the startup, the founding team found that very high costs were incurred on the account. Working with the team at 360 Health & Performance, Cloudsail understood the long-term strategy for the application and ensured that the technology decisions and implementation were aligned with it.

The collaboration with Cloudsail was very successful, resulting in a user-friendly sports feedback app that helps both coaches and professional athletes improve their performance. The app was successfully launched and is positively rated by users. Cloudsail helped the startup achieve its strategic goals on time and automate further operational workflows. The successful collaboration was achieved through Cloudsail's quick and effective response to challenges, customer-oriented approach, and professional approach.

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