New technologies from the oldest city

Our headquarters is located in Kalisz, Poland - the oldest city in Poland and the most beautiful one.

The future is here

There's something romantic about building cutting-edge solutions in the oldest city.

Our main office is located at Aleja Wolnosci 12 (Freedom Avenue 12) in a building built in 1896.

Our main principles

Beliefs that guide our work


Digital transformation leaves room for new solutions - think about what comes after.

Customer centered

Listen to customers and guide them, instead of denying.


Proritize work by impact it has on the organization or the project.

Build the future with us

Disrupt industries by doing what you do best.

Our mission

To build disruptive solutions and guide customers through the process by combining our technical expertise with their domain knowledge.

Company info

Cloudsail Digital Solutions sp. z o.o. Aleja Wolnosci 12, 62-800 Kalisz, Poland. VAT-EU: PL6182188106, KRS: 0000884906