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Web Services, Internet Marketing & Business Consulting For Companies That Demand Results and a Return on Their Investment

Interested in more customers and increase profits? Our business services and marketing systems are the fastest way to leverage the Internet to achieve your goals. After a discovery session via phone or skype, we will identify exactly which strategy and methods best fit your business, your industry, and your client demographics. CloudSail offers 3 segments of client solutions, each tailored to suit the specific situation and targets:

Consulting, Strategic Planning & Mentoring

Many established companies, not just new start-ups, are in a position to experience rapid growth when they engage an external consultant with experience and perspective. Either for launching off the ground, or pushing through a glass ceiling, strategic planning can mean the difference between fast profitable success and a slow expensive failure. Do not guess your way through business, because I guarantee your competitors have been wise enough to invest in professional advice and strategies.
Virtual Consultation. $1,500 / hr

The virtual consultation is suited for clients that are unable to afford a half day discovery session. This service is ad-hoc, charged by the hour and conducted either by phone or skype. You can ask as many questions as you like and during the call we will outline the main obstacles and problems that are keeping you from achieving your business objectives.

Discovery Session. $5,000 / half day

The half day discovery session is a structured approach to reviewing your business objectives to discover how online technology and marketing systems can solve your current problems. During the session, which is conducted in your business premises, we will cover the four pillars of business growth: lead generation, content creation, conversion methods, customer delivery & support.

In Depth Analysis. $15,000

After a virtual consultation or discovery session, you have the opportunity to engage us to explore in depth analysis of your industry and vertical market. This allows more time for research and due diligence before proceeding with strategic planning and implementation. The turnaround time for this service is between 2 to 4 weeks after the initial consultation where we identify key metrics and targets.

Strategy Planning.  $25,000

Without strategic planning in a business, you run the risk of wasting precious time and money while possibly sabotaging your chances for commercial success. Our strategies are based upon proven business models that have consistently delivered success stories for companies and government agencies both here in Australia and around the globe.

Business Mentoring. $8,000 / month

Accelerate your business development and avoid costly mistakes by investing in mentoring services with a seasoned professional with 16 years commercial Internet experience. All of the smartest entrepreneurs and most successful company CEO’s depend on mentors to evolve in business, so if you want to reach the next level you must be willing to follow someone with more experience and results than yourself.


Specialised Staff Training & Workshops

The benefits of investing in staff training are clear: your employees feel valued and are more loyal, they become more productive, your profit margins increase through efficiency, and your company is more likely to gain market share through competitive advantages. Studies show that 45% of staff indicate they would be more motivated if companies invested into skills training and development workshops.

Online Video Training Course. $2,500 / employee

The glory days of SEO using text and links are over. Search engines and online audiences demand interactive media, so now is the time to learn how to create and publish online video content. Proven to outrank standard SEO methods while also vastly increasing your sales conversion ratio.

Email Marketing Training Course. $2,500 / employee

Email as a communication tool exists in more than 98% of companies, but email as a marketing method is used by less than 20%. By failing to capture the email address of prospects and customers, you are leaving a massive amount of potential income on the table. An email database, when nurtured in the correct way, becomes an asset as well as a constant source of new sales.

Social Media Training Course. $2,500 / employee

The world of social media gets bigger as each month passes, but how can you tell exactly where to invest your time and marketing budget? Just because one platform works for a particular business or industry, doesn’t mean it will benefit yours. Avoid wasting time on social media websites that do not connect you to your target audience, so you can focus on the places where you’re assured of increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Sales Funnel Workshop. $5,000 / employee

The difference between having a website that costs money and a website that makes money comes down to one thing: sales funnels. Almost 3/4 of businesses that invested in web design reported no increase to marketing results or sales conversions. The cause of the problem is clear though, they asked a creative artist to build a system that requires marketing knowledge and sales psychology. If you want your website to attract targeted leads and convert them into paying customers, you need to implement proven sales funnels that suit your exact needs.

Webinar Marketing Workshop. $15,000 / employee

When you compare the sales conversion statistics of telemarketing (3.5%), direct response mail (1.7%), and static websites (4.5%) to webinar marketing there is one clear winner: webinars with an average conversion ratio between 14% up to as much as 60%. While there is a high probability you’ve already heard of webinars, there’s a good chance you’re unaware that when used right they are the most successful form of online marketing that exists. If you care about increased marketing reach, higher sales conversions, and better business leverage then now is the time to invest in sending your marketing staff and sales professionals to our 2 day webinar workshop.


Done-For-You Systems & Services

Due to heavy demand there is a minimum 3 month waiting period for clients that require websites, intranets, and information systems. Marketing campaigns have a turnaround time of between 3 to 5 weeks after engagement. We believe good things take time and that haste makes waste, so please be sure to give plenty of notice time before you intend to proceed with any of our systems or services.

Email Capture Landing Page. $2,500

You need more than a simple opt-in box that invites people to subscribe to a newsletter. Our Email capture pages follow proven methods and best practice techniques used by the best marketers in the world.

Sales Website Landing Page. $5,000

Having a basic welcome page on your website does nothing more than encourage your visitors to find something else to look at, or possibly even leave. Bounce rates decrease and sales conversions increase when you have a copy written sales landing page that engages your audience and compels them to take action.

Online Sales Funnel Creation. $12,000

From content to capture to conversion, our sales funnels turn passive viewers into active customers by employing an end to end strategy. Don’t waste the potential of your website and the money you’ve already invested, make sure you have at least one efficient sales funnel to maximise your digital strategy.

Email Marketing Campaign. $15,000

Suitable for companies with an existing database of contacts. Our email marketing campaigns use a proven strategy that combines autoresponder messages with broadcast updates to monetise your audience efficiently.

Online Video Marketing Campaign. $15,000

Content creation is the foundation of any web business, but not all content is created equal. If you want to publish engaging media that ranks high in the search engines and converts your traffic into paying customers, then seriously consider investing into an online video marketing campaign this month.

Social Media PPC Marketing Campaign. $15,000

With over a billion members, facebook can be your best place to start with social media marketing. While facebook leads aren’t for everyone, if your target audience is there you’ll find an unlimited amount of traffic for a cost effective price. Use the power of facebook ads to accurately target and capture people that are looking for your exact product or service.

Webinar Marketing Campaign. $25,000

Includes your lead generation strategy, webinar storyboard and script, plus the sales conversion model. The difference between what others do with webinars and what we do has been proven repeatedly: theirs make 4 figure profits while ours make between $50,000 to $300,000 every single time.

Broadcast Marketing Campaign. $45,000

An integrated campaign that combines online video, webinar presentations, and podcast content to cast a wider net in order to capture more leads and customers. This strategy runs on multiple platforms to leverage existing communities that are ready to purchase your product or service.

Websites & Information Systems. $100,000+

We only offer advanced websites and information systems. There are thousands of web designers that can create a beautiful online brochure for you, our mission is to deliver functional systems that produce passive streams of leads and profit.

Intranet & Knowledge Management Systems. $150,000+

Medium to large scale enterprises and government organisations can gain massive cost savings by implementing intranets. Investments in this technology will improve productivity and communications, encourage the collaboration process, streamline document workflow and also prevent the cost of losing knowledge when team members shift role or leave the organisation.

  Please note that there is a minimum 3 month waiting period for clients requesting website design or intranet development. We only accept medium to large scale projects that are in excess of $100,000. If you require a standard brochure website we can recommend many of our trusted partners, simply get in touch with us today to share your project scope and budget. To enquire on any of our systems or services, simply visit the contact page then leave your details then we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also find a list of success stories, happy clients and customer reviews by viewing our testimonials page.