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Let’s do a quick reality check: either you are wildly happy about the results from your website… or you’re quietly unsatisfied and want more new sales.

No matter which answer it is, we believe you deserve MORE sales, MORE customers and MORE profits by simply leveraging what you already have.

If you want to achieve a greater return on your web investment, it’s time to consider these 7 important factors before doing anything else…

1. Content Strategy arrow 2. Traffic & Leads arrow 3. Market Positioning arrow  4. Capture Methods arrow 5. Communication arrow 6. Price Points arrow 7. Conversion Funnels

A common assumption business owners have made when it comes to the Internet, is believing that ‘if you build it, they will come’. But the truth of the matter is that there are millions of websites all competing with each other and if potential customers don’t know how to find you, they likely never will. It’s a bit like building a shop in the middle of a forest that has no signs directing people there from the main road while the business itself isn’t listed on the maps and directories people use to find a shop to spend money at.

1. Content Strategy

Every online success story and profitable website starts with content. What exactly is content you might ask? It includes the text that people read on your website pages, the videos your viewers watch, live chat channels for real time communication, animated instructional movies, and audio podcasts. The best websites use different formats of multimedia, not just written words. So give your audience different ways to absorb your message and you’ll captivate their attention while stirring emotions that compel them to take action.

2. Traffic & Leads

More website visitors and qualified leads can be generated on a daily basis using a number of different methods. Often the case is the website relies on organic traffic coming from search engines or other websites. Using pay-per-click advertising opens up a whole new world of possible audiences for your website, you’ve just got to make sure you are sourcing them from the right places. Not all traffic is created equal and some leads convert into sales more than others. So ask us what suits your business best before investing in traffic next.

3. Market Positioning

One of the top 3 reasons that a prospective customer doesn’t purchase is because they lack clarity. If you don’t clearly identify what you are offering and why it is different to your competitors, it’s impossible for the public to figure it out for themselves. Simply outlining your features isn’t enough, you should be explaining it based upon benefits and what the customer will feel after making a purchase. Good market positioning isn’t just something in a business plan, it’s the core value driving your brand and often the #1 reason why people will buy .

4. Capture Methods

Capturing leads and prospects from your website should always be a top priority. You increase your customer base because the likelihood of converting a visitor to a customer increases when you present them with multiple messages. When you are capturing your leads you can send them a sequence of automated emails that demonstrate the benefits of your product or service.

5. Communication

Having a sequence of messages along with news broadcasts is a proven strategy for connecting your listeners to your solution. You can overcome their buying objections by showing recent examples of customers who solved the same problems. Using a 2 tier campaign you can also elicit responses from your audience to drill down into their exact needs. This gives you the power to communicate with prospects and customers in a way they can understand. When you are speaking the language of your target audience, your message can be formed clearly, which allows action without hesitation.

6. Price Points

There is clear evidence that using low price offers can stimulate the amount of buyers of your high price offers. Many online business websites are leaving money on the table by not offering a premium or advanced version. Your price points can always be improved and expanded, you could expect to double front end sales by using a back end upsell and downsell funnel. Most customers are willing to purchase more than 1 item at once, so give them the choice to buy when the time comes.

7. Conversion Funnels

At the final stage of generating and capturing your new prospects, comes the important conversion phase. You need multiple conversion funnels in place to ensure you’re having the correct conversations with the different segments of your audience. Some of your viewers will be further or less advanced in the customer buying cycle, so having different conversion strategies will address the needs and fears of each demographic coming into your funnel. Some buyers like to see social proof first, others want to have contact with you or your staff before buying, this is why it’s important to have all modalities covered so overall you make more sales.

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